a One More love story

Once upon a time

A gorgeous woman lived in the magical woods of her own fairy-tale wonderland... She was the type of person that not only turned heads but turned souls as well. Talented and powerful. Building her dreams. Feminine and tender too. With a heart of gold...

Welcome to the One More fairy tale.

Inspiration and creation

of One More jewellery

Intricate artistry is at the root of our brand. And beauty feeds its soul. Our design team finds inspiration in couture, in wanderlust, in architectural forms, in fairy tales from faraway places, and so much more.

Design and craftsmanship

of the One More collections

The power of imagination is our favorite tool. And we go from there... Making drawings. Reworking noble metals. Giving life to sparkling masterpieces.

Unique combinations

for an elegant style

Our jewels allow an infinite freedom of expression. Whether you prefer painterly details or are drawn to something more modern - One More has it all. Play with different collections. And mix delicate pieces with more audacious showpieces until you find a style that is true to you.

One More, a brand of


Belgian heritage of fine jewellery,
craftmanship & style since 1810